New day, same old mistakes

According to , there is a new government project which aims to help those with drug and alcohol problems, also to
“assess and better understand drug and alcohol issues in the Isle of Man, and plan future services”, as well as helping prevent drug and alcohol abuse and support those with addiction.

Oh dear. Here we go again.

The Drug and Alcohol Steering Group referred to is IOM Government’s continuation under another name of a previous spectacular mistake, yet again dominated by evangelical know-nowts looking for public funds.

The Centre for Public Innovation is yet another UK klingon which can throw enough out-of-context figures around to look impressive (at least to rank amateurs) but has no expertise – or even basic knowledge – of the field on which it is now advising the Manx government.

The Public Health Directorate has still to tackle any real public health problem on the island (e.g. polluted water supply, bad housing, unsafe working conditions) rather than regurgitate folk myths from its UK equivalents – a fast growing cottage industry comprised almost entirely of malevolent, ill-informed, neo-puritans who would feel quite at home in the failed US prohibition experiment of the 1920’s, given that they do little but repeat its mantras and mistakes.

And I need hardly add that the new Minister for Social Care did not make the statement attributed to her in the report. One of the overpaid health mandarins she inherited did, just as every other public statement by every other government minister is written by a civil servant, who never has to take the rap when it later proves to be impossible or false.

In other words, like every other drug and alcohol policy in Manx history this one will fail. It is a pointless cosmetic exercise. Best not to even dignify it with a response.


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