Mirror, mirror…..

As any number of friends are saying to me, in between Brexit and the Manx election it has been a tough few weeks for anyone who can read – or even walk without dragging their knuckles. And it is getting worse.

A few weeks ago I also quoted Francis Bacon’s quip that the only way to survive life is to regard very, very nearly everything as totally unimportant. Well, I was willing to give it a go.

Unfortunately, I seem to be surrounded by people who go to the other extreme. They regard very nearly everything as TOTALLY important. Additionally, when their job, position in the community or just self-created Facebook persona is only justifiable if it looks that way and their entire life is conducted via electronic devices they expect you to respond NOW, and have “cc-ed” the entire world in on those demands to make it look like they are dealing with it.

Such a bore. I would argue that anyone who can look in the bathroom mirror each morning without laughing is deluded. Maybe, on the lines of the Rorschach Test, psychologists could consider this as a means of weeding out nutjobs during the extended interview process major corporations and government departments favour these days. For anyone applying for jobs which put them in power over others, in fact, it ought to be compulsory.

Unfortunately, things are more serious than that. In the last few days a number of very troubling personal crises have simultaneously come to a head. For the sake of my family welfare – and possibly my own sanity – I have to drop everything else and get things under control. Unless I do a chain of unfortunate events could be set in motion that won’t be good for anyone I care about, never mind me.

So, advance warning that I am highly unlikely to post here for a couple more weeks. In fact, if you know the “real me” you won’t find me on Facebook or other such toys for a while either. All being well, I get enough free time to recover my sense of humour again during the last week of the month.

See you then. And for anyone else in similar circumstances, just take time out to look in the mirror and laugh


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