Government health warning

Oh well, as you can see from the people have been to the polls, and our new oppressors have been chosen.

To be fair, for once I am proud of my fellow Ramsey folk. We turned out in droves, and picked two very promising newcomers. Four of our five candidates could well have got elected elsewhere on the island, and done a fair job. In addition, the number of votes cast for the first alone was greater than the total in almost half the other constituencies.

Though why over 700 put an X next to the name of a candidate whose manifesto might as well have been etched in red crayon I will never know. My child took one look at it, rolled around the floor laughing at numerous spelling mistakes, then took it to school to show her disbelieving classmates. And we worry the young don’t take enough interest in politics!

But if only Ramsey’s good sense – or perhaps healthy collection of candidates – had been an island-wide phenomena.

For example, I can tell that those two blights on Southern civilisation, the Rotary Club and the evangelical churches, have been busy rounding up the bigots from the failure of the one literate and humane politician in that area to get returned. The subsequent loss of the only government minister dedicated to environmental change and a decent overseas aid programme is a particular worry.

The apparent choice of candidates for Chief Minister is another one. Collectively, the lot of them would struggle to muster a three figure IQ, and their prejudices and freeloading tendencies are a return to an era I thought we had left for ever. Despite criticism of some of his government’s policies, the last Chief Minister finally brought us out of the dark ages. His successor, and likely allies in Tynwald, could take us right back there.

Might as well face it, white flighters and other knuckle-draggers will now dominate the Manx attitude to the wider world, and to those here who are neither Caucasian nor pig ignorant. If you can read a book without moving your lips, the next few years will be a bumpy ride, so good luck.


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