British Banditry Corporation

I was amused by

There is nothing to be understood, and it is – frankly – ridiculous that the foreign body which demands such money with menaces then wastes some of it telling us why it is obligatory to pay.

Because the bottom line is this…

Another country’s semi-nationalised broadcaster has such profligate management that it cannot get by on the funds it gets. The government of that country is so poor that it cannot come up with a better management structure, and its politicians so dishonest that many of them prefer to be seen in public as calling for the abolition of the broadcaster while privately knowing this is not possible.

One solution is to demand money from the citizens of a nearby, nominally independent, country, even if they do not have a TV or use other devices to watch that broadcaster’s product. Some will say this is nonsense, but I know from the experience of Manx friends who have never owned a TV that very aggressive tactics are used to force payment on the (totally unproven) basis that of course everyone has a TV and watches BBC programmes.

Manx courts, for some odd reason, are not minded to challenge such twaddle. I sometimes wonder if they are minded to protect anybody who actually lives here against predatory foreign powers, rather than a few people with far more money than anyone could need (or even spend) who don’t.

There is also a myth that even if most people told the licence money collectors to get stuffed some will end up in jail. Again, not true. During the Northern Irish “troubles” over 50% of the population did not pay and none were prosecuted. Similarly, at least the same percentage of Irish citizens watch BBC as do British citizens (and the figures on that, while rarely mentioned, are far more reliable than any of those excusing UK taxation of Manx people for the privilege of a service which can be accessed, free of charge, in every other surrounding country).

So, to summarise then, the Isle of Man has no effective courts, no effective government, and no public will to resist daylight robbery via the equivalent institutions in another country.

I am honestly not sure why I mention any of this, other than that it is very funny.


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