Charity sucks

What is the leading cause of social injustice on the island? Poor wages and employment opportunities, bad housing policies, racism and other forms of prejudice?

I’d say evangelical fake charities – especially the ones that purport to deal with social problems. Every time any decent person – including clergy and churchgoers – does serious research, offers an informed analysis of the problem and a reasonable solution, then starts a dialogue with government, some Baptist klingon smells money, jumps the queue and creams off public funds or private donations, derailing the entire project in the process.

I’ve personally seen it happen, for example, with homelessness, where careful and informed attempts to set up a charity with government help were undermined by evangelicals who – simultaneously and separately – negotiated with tame civil servants to try and siphon off resources, or just have the whole thing turned over to them.

The result is one under-funded, under-resourced project which does sterling work implementing intelligent short and long term solutions but gets no publicity, while a second, totally useless, evangelical charity shouts loudly and often for funds and purports to be the only group doing anything about the problem. In fact, not only do they contribute nothing, they perpetuate and exasperate the problem. If any of them demonstrably have more than half a brain, I would have to suspect that this is deliberate, in order to perpetuate the money flow.

The root cause is an inadequate analysis of any social issue which, in effect, says the problem is caused by weak or evil individuals and can only be solved by religious parasites (i.e. “ it’s all in my Magic Invisible Friend’s hands and he chose me to deal with it”). There is absolutely no research into or consideration of practical constraints (e.g. health, environment, housing or job markets) or cultural factors (e.g. economics, politics and popular prejudices) which also have to be challenged. Such numpties live in a thought-free world where the Bible is all the literature or “knowledge” they can handle – and even that in a severely blinkered form.

If I seem exasperated it is because I get first hand reports of such bigotry and incompetence. For example of a locked store-room crammed floor to ceiling with surplus food donated by supermarkets, while volunteers in the next room are told to stop homeless people taking fresh fruit or home-baked cakes home from a lunch because it “encourages dependency”.

Oh, and apparently they might even sell it to buy booze or drugs. Just how many bottles of whiskey do these cretins think you can buy with a blackening banana or a slice of Victoria sponge?

So, what is the answer? Well, whatever it is, past and current evidence is that government will never come up with it, and also never be the source of any useful discussion or information which might dispel the myths and prejudices. And evangelicals certainly never will, because they thrive on myth and prejudice and are a major source of newer lies, which they then promote as an excuse to tap the public for more funds and power.


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