Hate t(w)o laugh, but….

People assume that because I am publically associated with moral issues and campaigns for social change I must be a do-gooder. Sadly, no. The truth is I am not sure why I make the effort when so few of my age or younger do.

Certainly not from any “commitment” to humanity. I can think of a few humans locally who should be committed – preferably for life to some sort of institution with padded cells – but that is a different matter, and they never concern me enough to try and get them put away.

Possibly out of sheer amusement. Anything which winds up a puritan is fine by me, and if there is a drink or some buns in it, all the better.

What happens, though, when professional Christians seriously want to do the right thing, yet apparently remain clueless of their church’s own teachings and actions?

All of which takes me back to the topic of my last post – the irony of the cathedral organising a vigil for victims of the Orlando massacre.

Not being a “person of faith” I have not the foggiest how their funny little minds somehow reconcile the many outright contradictions of their church teachings.

Now, if I worked for the organisation which campaigned for people of my sexual orientation in African countries to be executed (then condemned as “un-Christian” the presidents of those countries for blocking such legislation) I would think twice about organising an event to mourn the victims of some freelance religious nut who couldn’t wait for a government to do the job. But despite me pointing out the overwhelming evidence of Manx Christian homophobia in the response to a 2014 government consultation on equal marriage, it appears a junior employee of Anglicanism PLC still doesn’t get it.

At which point I walk away from the discussion, crying with laughter. If this is the quality of C of E junior management, I may as well stand back and watch the institution self-destruct. I am not even trying to cause trouble here.

Though earlier I also forgot to mention a further joke on a similar theme at http://www.manx.net/isle-of-man-news/79523/steam-packet-assists-with-delivery-of-sculpture-for-knockaloe-gardens.

Here we see further attempts to sell the cathedral as some sort of human rights education project. Given the firm’s policies on human rights elsewhere, it seems to me the last place on the island kids should be taken to be warned about the dangers of genocide. Or am I just biased? After all, unlike most of the Manx public, I actually research and worry about such things.

The story is made funnier if I reveal that the current chairman of Culture Vannin is the former publicity officer for IOMSPC. On retiring, he went into politics, quickly proved so inept that the electorate rejected him and was promptly kicked upstairs with the island’s bishop and other unwanted obstacles to Manx civilisation and democracy. He is one of two Members of Legislative Council (excluding the bishop) whose Christian unconsciousness demands they oppose all legislative attempts to end prejudice or religious privilege.

Incidentally, if or when that “education project” takes off I wonder if there will be anything there on Bishop Wilson’s treatment of Quakers and other religious dissenters in the 18th century. Doubt it somehow. Look up Bishop Thomas Wilson, and you will soon see why.

Genocide, like everything else, starts at home, folks.


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