So, what’s the addiction to giving therapy called?

I read this, written by a good friend and sometime editor of mine (see, laughed, made a comment and went about my daily business elsewhere. Later, out of curiosity, I looked again to see if anyone else had commented.

Then I laughed even more.

Fellow atheists,  falling for a notorious 20th century religious scam? That has to be a bad joke.

The thing is, I no more believe in alcoholism than I do Christianity. Because the concept of alcoholism didn’t exist until the religious shysters behind AA invented it to justify their silly racket.

No, for me, you do something stupid, you take responsibility, you move on. Simples.

It’s nothing to do with the religious concepts of guilt and helplessness. It’s simply being honest enough to admit that, as humans, sometimes we do dumb stuff.

And if you do, stop whining, stop making excuses, stop expecting that someone else will clean up the mess and (for the right price) validate your victimhood. Hold your hands up, make recompense to those you messed about, then get on with normal life.

When it comes to AA and their myth of a Higher Power, I’m with Julia Phillips, first woman producer to win an Oscar and the most acid-tongued wit ever around the Hollywood cesspit.

“I think you take more responsibility for yourself if you don’t believe in God than if you do. The I’m-one-of-God’s-children-he-will-forgive-me concept has become so much more popular than the I-am-unique-and-possibly-alone-therefore-accountable-for-myself-and-my-behaviour school that it really should not be surprising to us that we have become so greedy and unethical and immoral.”

Spot on, girlfriend.

Alcoholism is just another dumb fetishisation – medicos or other “experts” creating a fake need, offering another fake product which fills the need (but never enough for you to stop buying it) and profiting handsomely from it.

Frankly, if I had to choose between having a vice and having the therapy I’d stay with the vice every time. The exploitation is more honest. The decision to stop more straightforward. You walk away, the supplier shrugs and finds another mug. And they certainly don’t use the state to get you back under their thumb.

But the other one that gets me is, why this pathological need to be a therapist anyway, to have control over people? Is there a cure for that?

Because all the sickest religious parasites I know seem to have a pathological addiction to dominate and control others in quite obscene ways. Maybe there should be a term for it – dominionism maybe?


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