Did you miss me?

Right after my last upbeat entry on Jan 2nd, this year became an Annus Horribilis in which there has been no respite. Way too personal to go into here, but at work, at home and elsewhere horrible stuff came out of nowhere that had to be dealt with. As each grim month ended, I vowed to get blogging again in the next, only to be knocked sideways by another fresh crisis.

Anyway, enough of all that. You either write from where you are or get written off by the very corporate dullards and social justice warriors who make you so irate in the first place. Ironically, new writing opportunities elsewhere also came right out of the blue, and keep coming. They had to be dealt with too – which was hard work but at least far more fun.

So, while the flow of effluent doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon, last week I met my dignified public statement quota for the month and am now declaring open season on puritans, interfering busybodies and the hard-of-thinking.

You can either indulge me or jump off a cliff. Everybody deserves at least one gratifying hobby, so here goes….

I am so sick of reading twaddle like https://www.globalwitness.org/en-gb/press-releases/david-cameron-majority-british-public-want-you-act-tax-havens/ from publically subsidised (but politically and intellectually retarded) ‘think-tanks’.

The only thing it really tells me is what anyone who lives here and isn’t a public sector Klingon could tell you already – that the kind of Brits who respond to useless surveys like this are neo-colonial halfwits, who can’t even name the constituent parts of the UK and don’t understand basic politics. The walking dead; on benefits, private incomes or final salary pensions.

In the real world things just are not that simple. In the real world, most residents of British dependencies do not have the option of three years staring out the window of a university lecture theatre, followed by a lifetime of ditzy Mcjobs with a succession of save-the-world pseudo-charities.

We actually have to work for a living. Those of us not born here have to work for a living even if they arrive on-island with a string of degrees from top foreign universities. And the only real work is in… yes, you’ve guessed it…. the finance sector.

Finance is to us what coal and steel were to the UK towns where I grew up; the only game in town. That isn’t due to Manx government, it’s due to colonialism. The same colonialism that too many self-styled ‘professionals’ in the overseas aid racket cannot get past, acknowledge or even recognise.

Oh sure, there’s working in Costa or care homes (and I know foreigners with good science, maths or economics degrees working in both), but you try getting by on £200 a week. Buy a house, start a family? Most can’t even rent a small flat unless they sublet with 3 others and the landlord turns a blind eye.

But the funniest thing about the recent outbreak of moral one-upmanship over tax is knowing that some of the biggest virtue-signallers actually owe their privileged existence to pretty repugnant corporations and individuals. One I know, for example, had a lengthy period of foreign ‘study’ paid for by a family who avoid all tax on personal income from their US chain-stores by funneling it through the front charity of a millenarian cult.

The thing that worries me most is that the recipient lacked either the curiosity or basic research skills to check out the charity. By comparison, the first thing I learnt from working in the evil finance sector is to treat all religious charities as money-launderers until they can prove otherwise. I learnt that lesson, by the way, in a course run by an FBI agent.

Yes, you are reading that right. The only place you will find seriously dodgy dealings on the Isle of Man is in the opaque, poorly regulated charity sector, and the worst offenders hide behind religion. To my certain knowledge, if it wasn’t that charities with six figure turnovers need audited accounts, and that some of the much maligned accounts firms who work on large finance sector companies can spot fraudsters at 100 metres (so have turned down contracts with certain US televangelists) things would be far worse. And it is a racing certainty that the same is true in other ‘offshore’ jurisdictions closer to the US.

Now, when are the so-called serious press going to look into that phenomena?


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