Ramsey Post Office , RIP

I have to make a sad update to my ‘Going Postal’ piece of August 16th.

This week, out of the blue, the Ramsey Post Office staff were informed that, effectively, the post office closes next Wednesday evening. Some have been offered temporary work elsewhere ā€“ such as the sorting office or Douglas’s similarly doomed building. One was asked to spend a month or so teaching the incoming Spar staff how to do the job from scratch. So, no attempt there then to hide behind the Christmas postal rush what a disaster the changeover will be. Another problem might be that their tutor has himself been on extended sick leave due to stress.

Even more disgraceful is the treatment of the woman who has been acting manager for two years, and in reality long before that while waiting for the last official manager ( and close friend of the government minister behind the whole mess) to stop turning up and taking money just for being there.

Before the original closure announcement she was waiting for the official promotion which she had been assured would soon follow. After the announcement she was told both this and pay commensurate with the job she has actually done for years would no longer follow. Unlike the other staff, she is still to hear if she has a job of any kind after Wednesday.

It seems that when the Manx government is presented with a rare example of a public facility run by keen, efficient and personable staff their solution is to shut it ASAP. Perhaps because it interferes with some bizarre public image they need to sustain of government services run by useless, parasitical wasters who hardly know what day it is.

The true purpose of a massive, publically underwritten and overpriced ‘redevelopment’ of the area around the former courthouse and current post office still is not clear. Somebody, somewhere, is doubtless about to quietly make a huge profit, and those who really paid for it are not.

But frankly, who cares any more anyway? With the last example of human life or community removed by government diktat, they might as well cordon the place off with hazard tape and declare it a disaster area.


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