Busy elsewhere but back soon

A week or so ago, quite out of the blue, I was asked to start contributing again to a prestigious magazine. Away from my usual commitments to the grim realities, I now have the chance to do something I actually enjoy.

I am taking it before I forget how to do it or am forgotten again by those who want me to, although it involves far more hard work over evenings and weekends than the ‘day job’. So, apologies for not posting in the last week or two, but I hope to be back on schedule by next weekend.

But for now, can I just say ‘I told you so’, twice?

Firstly http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/education/filters-upgraded-at-ramsey-town-library-1-7247151 is an update on something I covered earlier. From my latest visit to the library yesterday I can confirm that the place is now as dead as a dodo, and inhabited only by the kind of life-draining bores and bigots who mount this sort of nasty, dishonest and ill-informed campaign. I suspect that was the whole point of the exercise, so I intend having a lot of fun with the kind of killjoys who hope to benefit.

Secondly http://www.isleofman.com/News/details/72214/chief-executive-for-national-older-people-s-charity-meets-health-minister is the latest public statement by government on a social exclusion scheme for older people that might more accurately be renamed Methodist Die At Home Alone. As I remarked elsewhere to someone this week, life for all older people on the island just got that much worse unless you are superstitious, meek enough to give in to superstition or rich enough to make your own arrangements.


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