No such thing as a free lunch

I was supposed to be at a social event for local atheists tomorrow – one of the rare times when I get to spend time with people without having to worry about ‘offending’ some religiot. Now I find I can’t, because the light of my life has to go and do good works for the dispossessed.

That is normally a sacrifice we would both gladly make. But the painful joke is she’s not only a fellow atheist but also the only person who can be bothered to go and run a lunch for the homeless …………. for an evangelical charity, in a church, immediately after the morning service.

From tales I have heard elsewhere, it seems the morals of these particular evangelicals are degenerating even further. For some years, the preacher and his closest acolytes could be guaranteed to turn up for the lunch after others had cooked it, grab all they could eat (but prevent the real clientèle from pocketing so much as a spare biscuit) then leg it without offering to contribute either financially or by, say, washing up. This mob are notorious for turning up (often without an invite) at any church event throughout the island where free food is available. At some (and I kid you not) they have even been known to carry supermarket bags in their pockets to take away anything they cannot scoff within the time available.

Can it really be that they are now not even prepared to turn up for a free lunch at their own church, because they are not also gaining financially for giving society’s losers the pleasure of their life-denying presence?

Perhaps they can also no longer be bothered to milk their friends in government for all the grants for non-existent social services they have been pocketing for years…. but I think we can rule that out, can’t we?


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