Bugs Bunny is risen

Ah, Easter Day, when religious leaders get a clear run at the news, chocolate bunnies breed like – well, rabbits, and most importantly workers have more time off work.

As in any sane household, in ours the chocolate eggs were mostly scoffed by Friday afternoon and the TV channels were surfed to avoid the Arch of Cant or Papa Frankie lowering the moral tone of the weekend. I know my moral responsibilities as a parent – unlike some – and there is no way the light of my life is going to accidentally overhear horse-cack from career child-abusers, thank you very much.

As for http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/seven-day-cross-walk-1-7192254 ….. hmm ‘dozens’ eh? Judging from this picture at the busiest point of the walk, I see that notorious innumeracy which occurs every time the faithful calculate church figures is not getting any better. But at least the Zombie Carpenter Brigade have learnt from previous experience, and that is something.

Because a year or two ago, a rather silly man came over to the island and also walked around with a big cross all week. He had obviously been told the Manx were easy pickings and (us having so many tax exiles and all) would throw far more money at him than punters in the English backwater he came from.

Sadly not; as most of the island is lonely country lanes he got to walk painfully for hours and hours without seeing anyone (which must have been good for his soul). When he did hit an urban area his local handlers mistimed it completely, so all he encountered was wisecracking adolescents and some very succinct criticism of his religious delusions and a complete failure to play any productive part in society in general from one or two passing adults. He lost a packet, and his local backers didn’t even get back the price of his ferry ticket in collections at the church where he preached before slinking off home.

I do not say this in a triumphal tone, because I regard it with the same amusement with which I would note any other horrendously miscalculated act of masochism by a deluded human being.

I never mock the religious when they are actually doing good, community-minded work. I just find it hilarious that (a) they cannot tell the difference between doing something good and useful or wasting time in a showy, totally pointless and self-indulgent manner and (b) they rarely notice that they are a small, generally inefficient, minority amongst those who hold this society together despite a quasi-theocratic system of government which favours and perpetuates superstitious quackery.


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