Strange fruit

Last week I heard a story which demonstrates, yet again, why evangelicals should never be allowed near the vulnerable and churches never allowed to take over social services which should, in anything approaching a civilised society, be done by qualified public sector professionals.

A volunteer at a church-run free lunch project for the needy brought in some fruit, bought reduced from a supermarket clearance, and invited the diners to not only eat some but take the rest with them. The church minister (who only ever turns up at the scheme after the cooking, serving and washing up are done, and who up until that point was happily stuffing his face with cake also baked by volunteers) then intervened, saying it was church policy not to let clients take food away because it encourages dependency.

These ‘clients’, by the way, are usually fed on a diet of out-of-date tinned stuff, and the project kitchen is stacked to the ceiling with such rubbish. The fruit cost the volunteer the grand sum of £2 and was the nearest to fresh or wholesome food that had been seen in the kitchen in months.

I would like to speak well of religiously motivated social work. Unfortunately, those who do it keep opening their mouths and revealing why no sane or humane person should let them.


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