Live free, or die laughing

This week’s dismal failure of a Manx Assisted Dying Bill to even get discussed by our elected defectives (see is utterly, utterly depressing.

It is also all we can expect from pseudo-liberal prodnoses who cannot be trusted to let us get on with our daily lives. Being too immature to take control of their own, they insist on reducing the entire world to their sub-kindergarten mentality. They should not be in politics, as they could not be trusted to go to the corner shop for a Mars bar and come back with the right change.

This is also what happens when Manx government and the public sector becomes the last refuge of otherwise unemployable wowsers fuelled by intractable superstition.

Somewhere there is a very good thesis begging to be written on Methodism as a faith-based equivalent of Stalinism. A Stalinism practised by motherly, rictus-grinning simpletons in flowery dresses perhaps, but every bit as merciless.

If you are a lifelong individualist, now knocking on a bit and no longer in rude health, you have my sympathy. Because these swivel-eyed loons WILL not only be praying for you but preying on you at the first sign of weakness.

Rather than kick in your door and rip off your fingernails if you resist their misplaced paternalism, this lot let themselves into your sheltered accomodation with a pass key and spray you with lavender-based air-fresheners until you conform.

All the advances we thought we had made in Manx society in the decade since my good friend Pat Kneen waged his Manx Death With Dignity campaign seem to have been reversed. Certainly, Manx gays are now as free as the rest of us to lead bland lives. But those of us who like good food, the odd drink, fag or jazz Woodbine – and especially a joke and a rousing, free-ranging public discussion – those who like to read or think rather than indulge in corporate sports…..beware. As this failure to accept that adults may make adult choices shows all too clearly, such simple and innocent pleasures and rights are now under attack from publically-subsidised, humour-free, acolytes of the zombie-carpenter.

You have been warned.


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