Things to make you go ‘Ew!’

Yesterday I found out that the person with overall responsibility for setting financial strategy at a corporation on which my family future depends is a Young Earth Creationist. Considering how highly leveraged the company is, I just hope he’s not also an End-Timer.

Actually, it has worried me for some time that the new management culture is riddled with a mixture of Old Testament fundamentalism and flakey New Age philosophies. But old time religion, new age guff and free market extremism share many of the same characteristics, as many of you may have noted.

Recently, for example, I endured compulsory online ‘training’ which was certainly ‘educational’, though not in the way intended. Mainly, it demonstrated that people who could never pass any course or examination in which evidence must be gathered and balanced (rather than making Divine Pronouncements Which Must Be Obeyed) can fool others, similarly intellectually challenged, into letting them ‘train’ weak workforces who have no means of pointing out that their employers have no clothes.

All very worrying, but about par for the course in what passes in the 21st century for a business community.

Almost makes you pine for the days when bank managers were avuncular, pipe-smoking figures who drove Rovers. At least in those days such a beacon of common sense could pull a business owner aside at the golf or rotary club and advise him that his new manager was being a prat.

Then again, in those days there were both local businesses and local business leaders, as opposed to identikit ‘local’ branches of faceless multinational corporations headed up by clones who (quite literally) all sing from the same hymnsheet.


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